How to make the perfect engagement proposal and designing a ring of my own.

How to make the perfect engagement proposal and designing a ring of my own.

As a jeweller designing bespoke engagement rings handmade in gold and diamonds is not something I do every day, it is always a privilege to be involved in the process of such a special moment in time.

Asking someone to marry you is a big step filled with emotions and nerves think then about the problems involved in proposing to a jeweller, someone who has made many engagement rings in the past and who you know probably has a burning desire to make their own engagement ring, should the occasion ever arise.

The issue is no less complicated from a jewellers point of view, as being the client, the designer and the maker means not only that you have to keep a secret from everyone you know, you also, have to keep the secret from yourself. Trying to maintain as much of the element of surprise as possible.

So, last August my boyfriend Johnny approached the subject of commissioning a ring, being very careful to be vague and non-specific about who the ring would be for I knew exactly what he was talking about!
Despite having designed and made many engagement rings for other people I had only daydreamed a little about what kind of ring I would choose for myself. Approaching the project with a strange mix of giddiness, excitement and methodical practicality, keeping the technicalities of engagement ring construction in mind I set to work.
A band of yellow gold forged by hand into delicate sweeping curves set with a marquise shaped diamond, combining classic elegance with a contemporary twist. Made by hand and made with love.

Once completing the ring I handed it to Johnny and did my best to put the whole thing to the back of my mind and contain my excitement. Little did I know then that he would hold on to it for a further 5 months before making his proposal.
I was just beginning to wonder, had he changed his mind? When out of the blue the question came on a cold February day on a windswept shore in Donegal I heard the words I had patiently waited for him to say ‘will you marry me’ I hesitated, overwhelmed with emotion of the moment, and the answer? Yes!….of course.

You can watch the engagement ring being constructed step by step on What’s on the Bench and if you now feel inspired and would like to commission an engagement ring or something special for someone you love you can contact Fiona to discuss your ideas.