Topaz – November’s Birthstone

Topaz – November’s Birthstone

Topaz –  November’s Birthstone

If you are fortunate enough to be born in the month of November, topaz is your birthstone. This beautiful gemstone comes in a rainbow of colours. From brown, yellow, orange through to red, pink, purple, colourless, green as well as the more usual shades of blue.

Topaz is found in North and South America, Africa and parts of Asia, the colourless variety is most plentiful and is often heat treated to create the blue tones that many of us associate with this beautiful stone. Very large topaz crystals are often found with the largest recorded crystal weighing a whopping 271 kilos found in Brazil.

The rarest colours, and most sought after by gem collectors are reds pinks and oranges. Only stones of exceptional quality showing reddish tones are deserving of the name imperial topaz.


In the time of the ancient Greeks topaz was believed to give strength. In Europe during the Renaissance people thought topaz had the power to break magic spells and dissipate anger.  In Mexico, it was used to find out the truth in cases of disagreement and in India many people for centuries have believed that wearing topaz above the heart assures long life, beauty and intelligence.



Topaz is said to encourage self-realization, openness, honesty and self-confidence.

I chose to use blue topaz as one of the gemstones in my Ebb & Flow collection because of its intense, dazzling blue tones, very fitting as this collection is inspired by water.

If you are looking for a birthday gift or if like me, you just love these sparkly gemstones why not explore the rest of the Ebb & Flow collection. If your curiosity for this stunning gemstone has been sparked, more examples of precious and imperial topaz can also be found on my Magical Topaz  Pinterest board. Enjoy!