What's on the Bench?

Celtic Chaos

Although the original inspirations for the Celtic Chaos collection now seem lost in the mists of time, the influences are clear, the stunning craftsmanship of the ancient Celts and organic spiral forms found in nature have both played a part in its formation.

I would love to share this short video with you showing the alchemy of creation at the jeweller’s bench. One of my favourite designs to make, this Celtic Chaos pendant is hand crafted from sterling silver and 22ct yellow gold. So what puts the chaos into Celtic Chaos? It is the way it is constructed using traditional handmade jewellery techniques, sawing, doming and drilling by hand each of the many individual hole’s creating the spiral pattern. An added element of surprise comes from the 3 silver balls trapped inside the pendant, they roll around freely, adding the extra dimension of sound and movement to this stunning design. This attention to detail makes every precious piece of this collection completely unique.

You can view more designs from this beautiful collection on our Celtic Chaos page, or if you would like to commission a special piece of jewellery for someone you love you can contact Fiona to discuss your idea